It is not unusual for those of us who homestead on acreage to have friends or acquaintances tell us they envy our lifestyle.  I used to just smile and acknowledge that I had a pretty good life, but lately I have been suggesting that homesteading is not defined by where… Continue Reading You Mean You Don’t Need Acreage to Homestead??

Like many new homesteaders we were determined to do it all, to learn all the skills we would need to become totally self sufficient.  We started with chickens and were delighted when two broody hens produced nine chicks.  As they matured we found we had three roosters which was two… Continue Reading Why We Don’t Process Our Own Meat.

No one wants to budget at Christmas. It’s hard if your cards are nearly maxxed, your children are asking for every toy they see on tv, and your gift list is a mile long.  Maybe that’s not you, you have nearly paid off the bills from last Christmas and are… Continue Reading Frugal Friday: Christmas When Money is Tight.

Christmas is a very important holiday in our house and preparations start early.  The first of the decorations went up yesterday and there are many more to come.  My daughter and I have been picking up small stocking presents for the past couple of months and have started working on… Continue Reading Getting Ready for Christmas on the Homestead

It’s amazing how many articles there exist on how to reduce spending and/or save money.  Is it even possible to do everything suggested?   Is there a one size fits all list of sure fire tips?  The simple answer is no you can’t do everything and no there is not one… Continue Reading Frugal Friday: Are Money Saving Tips Worth it?

Last week you determined how much discretionary income you have: fixed income -fixed expenses=discretionary income. Hopefully it was a pleasant surprise but don’t rush off and start spending yet because there are some other things to consider first. .   Savings.   First savings.  Everyone needs at least 1 … Continue Reading Frugal Friday: The Dreaded Budget Part 2.